Thirteen DECA members are going to States

By Nicole Eley '12

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On Friday, January 6 , DECA teams across the State including West Deptford’s DECA members arrived at the Crown Point Plaza in Cherry Hill to compete in the Regional Competition with hopes of making it to States and then the Nationals in Utah.

DECA members gathered in various rooms taking a one-hundred question exam, testing their marketing, managing and finance skills.  Those who make it to the top three of their category automatically go to States and receive a medal for their superb business skills.

The pressure was relieved slightly when the test was completed. After the test, students headed back to their hotel rooms to practice for their role play event. Both of these activities were considered the most stressful of the day.

“It’s fun for me to see the students work hard in the competition and be excited about finding out the results, ” math teacher Mrs. Falcone said.

After the first role play was over, sophomores Dustin Zuzulock and Justin DeMarco  were smiling  and enthusiastic as they waited for the final results. “The judges couldn’t keep their eyes off of us!” they said.

While some students were completely relieved after the first role play, others were nervous for what was to come in their final role play.  Junior Brent Wilder felt that the competition was mixed. Their smiles and enthusiasm completely showed their anticipation for the final results. “I was confident that we would do well,” he said.

Junior Ty Strano and senior Ethan Crosby believed that they had aced their role plays.

“We came in clutch!” they shouted with overwhelming self-assurance.

An announcement was made for students and their teachers to go to the Ballroom and meet for Regional results.  DECA adviser Ms. Newman told the students how proud she was of their efforts. “We had a really good group this year. Hopefully,  we will have a great showing at the State finals.

Sure enough, the West Deptford DECA team came out strong. State finalists are as follows: Dale Johnson (10), Justin Widener (10), Brian Beppel (12), Justin DeMarco (10), Jack Baldwin (11), Elizabeth Pass (11), Jessica Munyan (12), Brent Wilder (11), Dustin Zuzulock (10), Brian Chen (11), Kailash Narayanan (12), Michael McKendry (11), and Danielle Melvin (9).

The finalists hope to have a triumphant victory at States. The team feels that their optimism is the key to their success.

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Thirteen DECA members are going to States