New year, new school for W.D. freshmen

Dan Albinson '14

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Walking into the West Deptford High School as a freshman, I didn’t know my way around the building. I felt small because of the seniors. Graduating from Middle School in 2010, I wasn’t nervous at all, but once the beginning of my freshman year in high school started, I was nervous. The whole first week I felt like I didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know my way around the building, and it was hard. But I knew once I found my way around, I would be okay.  Walking the halls of the high school, I felt like a small fish in a big pond, but there are some advantages to being in the high school. There’s longer time in between periods, so I won’t be late as much, there is more freedom in the high school, and I have privileges here in the high school that I wouldn’t be able to have in the Middle School.

                Also in the high school, there is more freedom with bathroom privileges, and so many things are different about the high school. The lockers are bigger. We freshman have most of our classes upstairs in the hallway with our lockers so it’s easy access.  We get also get to choose more of our classes. High school isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. So far I’ve done so many things, met new people, taken new classes I’ve never taken before, and I like them and so far I’m having a great time in high school. I like all of my teachers and new classmates that moved here from other towns and the classmates who came here with me. As of right now, I’m getting used to high school, but I still have three more years to come after this, so far I’m liking it, but let’s see how the rest of my high school career goes.

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New year, new school for W.D. freshmen