How Are The Eagles Going To Do This Year?

By Alexis Theckston ‘20

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The Philadelphia Eagles are a great team. They just been having a rough couple of seasons. Every year, they always do well during the preseason, but as soon as they have to play for real, they do terrible. This season might be different because they got to trade first this year. Even though some people thought they had first trade next year, but it’s good for many reasons.Though the Eagles have won three NFL championships and played in two Super Bowl games, these were in 1980 and 2004. This year, the Eagles are the only team in the NFC East never to have won a Super Bowl championship. Even if we are the only team in the NFC East to have never won the Super Bowl, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t a good team, and maybe soon we will win a Super Bowl.This Sunday the Eagles went against the Cleveland Browns. The Eagles were winning 7-0 by a pass to Jordan Mathews 19-yard TD from Carter Wentz. In the second quarter Caleb Sturgis made a 22-yard field goal. Still in the second quarter the score was 10-0, but then Cleveland Browns Isaiah Crowell made a 2-yard TD run. Still in the third quarter the Eagles make a comeback by again Caleb Sturgis who made a 38-yard field goal. By the third quarter the score was 10-13, but then the Cleveland Browns Patrick Murray made a 35-yard field goal.Still in the third quarter the Eagles scored from the Team Safety and made a TD by Nelson Agholor. In the fourth quarter, the score was 10-22, but then the Eagles finished the game by getting a one yard touchdown by Ryan Mathews which, made the finale score 10-29. Although the Eagles won this game and Carson Wentz did well on his first game for a rookie, we still don’t how they are going to this season.Even though the Eagles haven’t won the Super Bowl, it doesn’t mean they won’t at all. We just have to give them more time. I know that some Eagles fans start losing hope when the Eagles start not doing so well during the season, but if you are true fan, you will never lose hope in your team, and you will always have faith in them. Last year the Eagles lost a game, but even though they lost, I still wore a jersey to school.Even though their team lost, Eagles fans should still wear a jersey the next day to let people know that you don’t care that your team lost, but they tried their best. So always have faith in your team no matter what happens the day of the game. Just always represent your team and don’t let anyone tell you your team stinks. I know when people tell me the Eagles stink, I get mad because that is my team, and nobody disrespect my team, so don’t let anyone disrespect your team. 

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