How to stay on top of work as a freshmen

By Joel Huesser ‘23

As a freshmen, I’ve noticed that the workload is a lot worse, even in the first two weeks, than in 8th grade. Because of this, I’ve been trying to do as much homework in school as possible; that way I can do what I please when I get home. So, I’ve devised a strategy for the best possible way for freshmen to do homework in school. Step one is to stay organized. You need to have labeled folders to be able to get homework out quickly. The key is being able to get out a sheet and put it away quickly; this way you can take the sheet out, do a little, and put it away. Step two is to use your time well. When the teacher gives you free time, use it to do homework. I’d much rather do work in school than at home; this includes doing actual work in study hall. Step three is to prioritize work. If you have something due the next day and something do next week, do the work for the next day. Step four is to always be aware of your work. What I mean is, is that you should be writing or typing a checklist of homework. This way you know for a fact you’re not forgetting anything. And the final step is to know when to do your work: when you’re done all your work for a class, waiting for the teacher to do the next step, or if you finished a test, do your homework. This way you can slowly be doing all of your work throughout the day so, by the end of the day, you’ve already done your work or, you only have a little left. Hopefully, this guide will help you as much as it has helped me.