Albom’s The Time Keeper is a tear-jerker

By Lisa Lessig '14

May 28, 2013

Did you ever wonder how time keeping started?  Or who the first person was to discover that an amount of time can be counted? Or why we keep time? Or what life would be like without time keeping? Well, Mitch Albom has the answers....

Tenth graders say Of Mice and Men is a hit

Matt Carlsson '10, Tyler Strano '10, Mario Ferrari '10, Nina Mascali '10, T.J. Harcum '10

October 12, 2010

If you have read the book Of Mice and Men, you are in for a treat. The title might make you think that it’s a bad book but it’s good. It’s a story about two guys that travel together and one of them has mental problems. George i...