Mattei Plans to Study Law

By Ashley Oliva ’14

December 22, 2010

A short girl with long black hair, wears black makeup, skinny jeans, and a sweat shirt or flannel; what job might you expect her to choose for a future career? Of all the jobs in the world, sophomore, Alex Mattei (’13) wants...

Keeping Off the Pounds During the Holidays

By Kaitlin Hackett ‘14

December 20, 2010

            Can’t resist that Christmas ham? How about the cookies for Santa; you say “I’ll have just one,” but by the time you’re done, Santa is hungry and you’ve gained a pound.            ...

Getting gifts for the season

Allie Stewart '11

December 13, 2010

            It’s the holiday season, and if you’re like most Americans, you’re freaking out about what to give for gifts this year. Don’t panic. There are easy ways to fix this problem.            ...

ABC’s of Nutrition for Teens

By the Sports and Nutrition Class

November 29, 2010

Weight Loss and Muscle Gain for Wrestlers and Others A Apples for water and fiber. Have apple pie without the top to limit fat. And then aim to move every day for at least 60 minutes to keep your body healthy. B B...

Carolyn Marks: part girl, part dolphin

Billy Morrell ’12

November 14, 2010

Almost everyone has a hidden talent. Some are able to juggle. Some can sing exceptionally well. However, senior Carolyn Marks has a hidden talent that isn’t exactly something you hear about every day. Marks is able to make...

Homemade Halloween costumes are easy

Allie Stewart '11

November 14, 2010

            Halloween is the holiday of trick or treating, but what most costume stores want to do is trick customers. They make buyers think that the costumes are a good deal, but a great deal might be sitting around...

Eagle Mascot turns 40

Morgan Smith '14

October 27, 2010

Most high schools have a mascot--a panther, a cheetah, maybe even an alligator. There’s usually a picture or a statue of their mascot within the school. West Deptford High school has had theirs for 40 years--a proud, bold eagle.             ...

Football player by day is a rapper by night

By John Cafasso '11

October 22, 2010

Most of West Deptford’s students would say that they enjoy rap music. Very few of those students could say they have tried it recreationally, but there’s one person who has done it successfully. Football player, student, and...

What would surprise me about you

Compiled by Allie Stewart '11

October 12, 2010

Name Grade Quote Ashley Oliva 9 “I’ve been to Arizona about six times.” Ciara Maines 9 “My favorite food is bacon.” Kaitlin Hackett 9 “I have a cat named Monkey.” Danielle Grover 9 “I have swam with alli...