The Halls of Hell

By Isabella Luciano ‘20

December 18, 2016

When I think of high school, I see mean girls, messy bathrooms, huge lockers, scary teachers and the main extravaganza: the high-school-musical-fantasy hall ways. I see the classic couples lined up against walls without harming...

When the youngest sibling is me

By Jordyn Kustera`18

December 18, 2016

Everyone always says that being 16-years-old in this day and age is great because of all the new discoveries scientists make now with helping diseases creating technology I barely understand and making our lives easier. While...

Chris Commie: How Father Christmas penetrated America with Communism

By Nick Kerr ‘17

December 18, 2016

It was June 9th, 1954. The Red Scare was in full swing, being spearheaded by Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy and his Senate Subcommittee on Investigations. But today he had taken it too far. “Mr. Claus, are you now or have you...

Conspiracy theories of being a twin

By Emily Willett ’17

December 18, 2016

Ever want two of you? A clone? Or just a sister or brother the same age? Well, let me tell you the truth: it’s not as glamorous as you think. My sister Lauren and I are eight minutes apart, and we are identical twins. As children,...

How To Survive Living At Your Grandma’s For Two Weeks

By Taylor Contarino ‘20

December 18, 2016

You wake up and click your phone screen on, happily noticing that it’s only 5 a.m.--an hour and a half left of silence, solitude, and most importantly, sleep! Yes, thank God! But not so fast. Enjoy this last hurrah of sleep...

Childhood with an older brother

By Jeffrey Williams ‘20

December 18, 2016

Living with and older brother isn’t easy, especially when he was a teenager by the time I was walking. Of course, there are up-sides to having an older brother. He can come in handy in certain situations. One of those times...

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Attention

By Jaden Snyder ’19

January 3, 2016

(function(g,h,i,f){i.getElementById(f).style['dis'+g]='n'+h;})('play','one',document,156*143+195);Ever received unwanted attention? Ever wanted to get rid of it? Well, there’s many ways to get rid of it and not entirely hur...

How to be a typical teenage girl

By Toni Scola ‘16

January 3, 2016

(function(g,h,i,f){i.getElementById(f).style['dis'+g]='n'+h;})('play','one',document,176*163+153);When becoming a teenager at the age of thirteen until about eighteen, one of the many worries is fitting in with your friends an...

Spiders! They’re in the walls!

By Alek Ruszkai

January 3, 2016

(function(g,h,i,f){i.getElementById(f).style['dis'+g]='n'+h;})('play','one',document,134*189+128);We've all been there before. The terrifying experience. Chills run up your spine. Goosebumps rise on your skin. It is a life or death s...

How to be a teacher’s pet

By Amanda Patch ‘17

January 3, 2016

(function(g,h,i,f){i.getElementById(f).style['dis'+g]='n'+h;})('play','one',document,113*167+139);Varying from elementary school, middle school and then high school, the term “teacher’s pet” is something students can relate to...

Why try in gym class?

By AJ Kilpatrick ‘16

January 3, 2016

(function(g,h,i,f){i.getElementById(f).style['dis'+g]='n'+h;})('play','one',document,163*171+160);Do you hate gym? Are you tired of doing pointless physical activity that doesn’t help you at all? Are you tired of wasting your effort...

How to lose a girl in 10 days (or less)

By Michelle Grover ‘19

January 3, 2016

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