Gifted and Talented and Journalism students visit Ground Zero

By Ellen Hamilton '15

January 28, 2015

On the morning of September 11, 2001 America endured the worst act of terrorism that our country has ever had to experience.  It started off as a normal Tuesday morning; it was Election Day and for employees with children, it...

Administration changes bell schedule

By Malik Baker-Gore ‘18

December 7, 2014

            The bell schedule at West Deptford High School changed this year, shortening homeroom and adding two minutes to each class. “It was a collective input of all staff: teachers on the faculty and administrators,”...

West Deptford’s freshman field hockey team wins once again

By Caterina Gismondi ‘18

December 7, 2014

Cheers of good luck echoes into the hallways on Tuesday of October 14th as the West Deptford freshmen girls’ field hockey got their equipment on for their game at West Deptford High. It was West Deptford vs Burlington and was a ...

Freshmen do well in adjusting to the high school

By Jalissa Carter '18

December 7, 2014

            Freshmen are entering a new year of school full with excitement and fun. The first day is the most important day for teens. They may be nervous entering a new school, but there are pictures to be taken and...

Key Club volunteered at Brightview Nursing Home

By Jalissa Carter '18

December 7, 2014

On  21nd students volunteered their time to spend time with the elderly at Brightview Nursing Home.             When helping people, it doesn’t come with a reward. Coming and doing things for people make peopl...

Spanish I students experience The Day of the Dead

December 7, 2014

            In Spanish culture The Day of the Dead is a day where those who have passed on are celebrated and prayed for. The Spanish I teachers are taking their students on a trip to learn more about this tradition. Students...

Seeley is named new head tennis coach

By Art Hill '14

November 9, 2013

The tennis team recently got a new coach, Michael James Seeley, a math teacher at West Deptford High School. He became the coach in the spring of last year. Seeley wanted to be the coach because he really enjoys playing tennis...

Biology students learn about a hot science field from a Drexel student

By Alyssa Palumbo '16

May 26, 2013

Most people, especially high school students have probably never heard of histotechnology or a histotechnician.  It’s a job where scientists prepare slides with the tissues of organisms.  Sarah Kotter, a student enrolled in...

Baseball and softball teams raise $2,000 for Breast Cancer Foundation

By Chris Dugan '13

May 26, 2013

In the second week of May, the WDHS atmosphere was filled with support for breast cancer awareness. The baseball and softball teams teamed up to have a bake sale to raise money for the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. “I...

WMMR names Tim Campbell the coolest teacher at WDHS

By Casey Roetz ‘13

May 25, 2013

During the week of May 6th, the students of West Deptford High School were asked to text in to a popular radio station, WMMR, and vote for whom they feel is the coolest teacher that they have at their school. “It feels really...