By Zenica Zanes '23

June 25, 2020

No matter how bad I fail, He is there. He will never leave my side We are drawn together the two magnets The day we met I knew It was always going to be you That hot sunny day We jumped in the ice-cold pool Lingering...

I am Lawrence

By Lawrence Howard ‘23

June 25, 2020

I am Lawrence I blaze through wind like a cheetah I am Lawrence I play football, track, and basketball I am Lawrence I am as strong as a lion I am Lawrence I am more agile than any other cat I am Lawrence I like to...

One Loss Worth A Thousand Tears

By Lexy Yeager '23

June 25, 2020

The third blow of the whistles rings in our ear Seniors dropping to the ground while tears slowly fall off their sweaty faces The end of your first and other last game has ended We watch as the other team celebrates their...


By Jonathan Trexler ‘23

June 25, 2020

You carry us through 2020 like a god You entertain us like the clown you are With your strange impersonations of a snail And your the way you stick your tongue like a dog And the way you rage at games And how you act like...


By Dom Stanish '23

June 25, 2020

Every night I dream of winning a round When I wake up, I know I’m going to win My brother and I scramble to get our work done so we have to day to play While I play, my pals get as sweaty as a piece of wood floating in a...

Christmas Time

By Samantha Phillips '23

June 25, 2020

Christmas The smell of peppermint and cinnamon is floating in the air more than ever Everyone’s laughing Everyone's full of joy Christmas music is playing in every household while decorating their trees Everyone’s...

My Dog

By Jaxson Phillips '23

June 25, 2020

He jumps, He prances, He hops and skips, Tank is the happiest little creature I know, He’s as crazy as a Tasmanian devil, That doesn’t stop me from loving him. We take him for walks, He walks slow, He walks fast,...


By Joshua Owen '23

June 25, 2020

The economy was once booming, People were happy and living normal lives, Until a virus came and wiped out our nation. People in terror, Businesses closing, And millions of citizens filing for bankruptcy. The economy is...


By Ariana Roesly ‘23

June 25, 2020

Imagine a place where children are running around radiating with excitement Imagine a place where adults could travel back to a time when they felt like children again and don't have to worry about the expectations or responsibilities...


By Derrick Kearney '23

June 25, 2020

Family Is important Sometimes it’s all you have They take care of us like a bear and its cubs My friendly family are the best caretakers My brother and I go outside We play in the green grass with trees all over We...

A Crush

By Carolyn Daisey '23

June 25, 2020

I have a crush. It’s quite sweet and simple I like them, I have no chance, And I’d do anything for them. Their personality is as bright as sunlight They are as sweet as a cake And their golden hair is a flowing river. We...

Romeo and Juliet

By Natalie Currie '23

June 25, 2020

Met the night of a party Hardly know each other Now they’re getting married I don’t think they know what love is Love’s longing and lust for someone else Love is beautiful flowers blooming for all to see Love is...