Cancerous Lungs

By MaKenna Moreno '15

June 6, 2013

Smoking is no joke It’s more than a drug Bad breath and polluted air rising from the burning cigarette The harsh stench of stinky hair Why would one want yellow teeth? Second hand smoke spreading to children,...


By Zoe Shannon '15

June 6, 2013

The phone rings, My teacher told me I had to go to the nurse’s office, I was as red as a strawberry All that was going through my mind was, Why do they need me? They asked me to sign papers, Consent to be drug tested...

Support and Care

By Vanity Evans '15

June 6, 2013

Veterans serve our country Risking their lives for us, being strong leaders Crying of wives and children when knowing they will not see their loved one in a while Tears from a veteran’s face, wishing they were in a...

A Soldier at War

By Taylor Merinuk '15

June 6, 2013

Day or night, In in the heat or freezing cold Working hard from morning until night, These soldiers are fighting for their lives. Fighting furiously for our freedom You see bombs exploding, Gunshots being shot  the rattling of the wind...

Why Do You Speak Such Ugly Words?

By Rachel Patten '15

June 6, 2013

No one really understands this concept, To be beaten down by such small words, To be screamed at to just be normal, To be deliberately disrespected due to your own sexuality, To be pointed out in a group of people...

You Can’t Take My Guns

By Griffin Crowley '15

May 31, 2013

Two kids shoot up Columbine Now the government says my guns aren’t mine Guns are big, brutal, bad they say But what did guns do to the USA They won us wars They protected our homes They stopped those robbers...

Ethic to Win

By Kyle Dubois '15

May 31, 2013

Sanchez, Strong, and Salas Just some of the many MLB players that used a form of steroids These can either make you strong as an ox, Or leave you looking dumb as a rock. Known as performance enhancing drugs Taken...


By Cara Jankauskas '15

May 31, 2013

Taken away because you weren’t responsible Taken away because you couldn’t handle me Taken away because you are too young I cannot exist because of your mistake Two people who couldn’t escape the iron grip of...

Monsters Consume You

By Ashley Deaner '15

May 31, 2013

Pain, misery, loneliness, a barren field It can all begin with a blink of an eye The dark thoughts creep into your mind like a monster about to kill you The monsters inside consume you Depression is a monster Once it is in you...

Death by Doctor

By Ashay Johnson-Saunders '15

May 31, 2013

Hearing your babies heart beat for the first time is like a gift on your favorite holiday Then three weeks later knowing you won’t hear the tiny infant cry Lying on a table waiting for it to start The cold instruments to...

To the Teachers

May 10, 2013

Listen closely now

Listen closely now

January 25, 2013