The Field

By Nick Sacco '13

March 23, 2011

The soft green grass The anticipation is everywhere The freshly painted lines every ten yards The fans' chaos brings fear into the opponents The thrill of knowing that this could be your moment The bright lights...

How you make me feel

By Monica Lane '13

March 23, 2011

Hurt, small, stupid Helpless, and confused Ugly, worthless, just a speck  Insignificant and unnoticeable You make me cry You beat me down Bruise the very fiber of my being  Attack every aspect of my life  You...


By Alex Mattei '13

March 17, 2011

The water hugged Japan like bear arms Crushing and killing. People ran and hid, But no matter where they were, The water seeped in every nook, Crack, And corner of Japan. Loved ones lost, People tossed In...


By Sam Leafey '11

March 7, 2011

 The results are back It’s positive They are just only seventeen-year-olds Her stomach is aching and spinning like she just got off a roller coaster His stomach is in knots As they stare deeply into each other’s...


By Charlie Roetz '11

March 7, 2011

You reek. Your eyes glazed Every single day you stumble everywhere like a Weeble You've given in to the temptation and I can't deal. The times when I needed you most, you needed the drink more. You used to be bright like...

The World’s Largest Addiction

By Don Smith '11

March 7, 2011

We’re just clicks away when we turn on our computers. The blue banner appears, “Welcome to FaceBook.” We sign in having a purpose or not. It only takes a few seconds before you experience the wonders of the world’s...


By Antoinette Lopez '11

March 7, 2011

The looks on their faces The many questions of why It hurts my heart and soul to hear and see them cry. People make decisions that affect them  And someone else Innocent boys and girls hurting Because their...

Guardian Angel

September 29, 2010


Tim Mangano '11

September 26, 2010

In a dark maze that you think you can’t get out of It seems to be the only way out of the darkness It seems to be a secret door way out of worries Out of the troubles Out of the turmoil It seems to relieve the...