Go to Red Robin for their gourmet hamburgers

By Alyssa Palumbo '16

July 3, 2013

            Do you enjoy freshly cooked, gourmet burgers, crispy chicken fingers, and unlimited French fries?  If the answer is yes then Red Robin is definitely the restaurant for you.  Red Robin originally opened...

Get a taste of the sea

By Inese Wingate '13

July 3, 2013

As my friends and I walk in, we see bright lights and hear loud music that we can feel thumping through the floors as we walk. As we get all the way inside, we see colored lights shining down from the ceiling above. We then see...

Saladworks is a tastier way to a healthier life

By Kaitlin Hackett '14

February 19, 2011

            Everyone is health conscious these days. Health food establishments are popping up all over.             These days, everyone wants to be healthier. We see the word organic much more in our...

RiverWinds Restaurant is pricey but delicious

Kelli Tachdjian '14

January 27, 2011

            The restaurant features a decorative front with beautiful wood carved doors with scenes of sailboats. Outside the landscaping fits well with the theme and color scheme.  All of the plants are beautiful...

The Great Burrito Debate

Billy Morrell ’12

December 14, 2010

          Who should have the right to vote? What should the nation’s policy be on immigration? Should women have equal rights under law? All extremely difficult questions, however, none are as serious as this.  What...

P.F. Chang’s is Downright Amazing

Kelli Tachdjian '14

November 7, 2010

you’re looking for and so much more. When you walk into the restaurant, you will see the beautiful décor and the horse warriors outside. At night the lights go on around the outside of the restaurant which gives it a warm feeling....