IPhone X: Is It Worth It?

By Sean Fleming ‘21

May 23, 2018

Ten years ago, Apple revealed to the world the new phone that would go on to change the ways we communicate forever. Ten years ago, CEO Steve Jobs showed a select group of journalists the iPhone in the blistering San Francisco,...

New iPhones lack wow factor

By Jarah Barquero ‘19

September 28, 2015

The brand new iPhone 6s and 6s plus are on their way to stores and ready to be sold with all of its new upgrades. However, the real problem is—are iPhones getting too old that they are just another iPhone? All of these ne...

Learning to be Creative

By Malik Baker-Gore 18

December 7, 2014

Scratch is a program where you make animations and share them. If you’re new to animations, it’s a good place to start because it’s simple. Anyone can see and comment on something that you share publicly. That means you...

Sing like nobody is watching

By Caterina Gismondi ’18

December 7, 2014

            Get up off of your couch and sing along to a Journey song while using your remote as your microphone.  This is what the characters in this Glee television program make you want to do during every episod...

A heart felt book: The Fault in Our Stars

By Jalissa Carter '18

December 7, 2014

“Life is like a roller coaster that only goes up.” The Fault in Our Stars is a story filled with romance, humor, and friendship. The Fault in Our Stars became popular when people saw the movie trailer of this book. Then ev...

Vans or Converse: Which do you prefer?

By Valerie Palmer ‘14

February 27, 2014

Two very popular shoe brands have made a fashion statement in America and even worldwide--Converse and Vans. Both are simple and stylish and go with just about every outfit. Now the question is, which do the students of West...


By Rachel Kolp '15

January 11, 2014

The movie Cyberbully (2011) was about a teen girl who gets bullied horribly over the Internet. She starts out a normal happy teen and ends up trying to commit suicide. I wanted to watch this movie because there is so much bullying...

13 Going on 30

By Rachel Kolp '15

January 11, 2014

13 Going on 30 is a movie was about a thirteen-year-old girl who wanted to be thirty. She ended up getting her wish, but it wasn’t everything she had wanted. Certain teen girls and maybe girls in general would enjoy this movie...

The Breakfast Club

By Rachel Kolp '15

January 11, 2014

I’ve heard a lot about the movie The Breakfast Club, so I saw it on Netflix and decided to watch it. The movie was about five teens that were all in Saturday detention together. I’m not too sure all teens would enjoy this par...

Where to find the perfect Homecoming dress

By Jennie Rutkowski ‘15

November 11, 2013

In order to get ready to the big event, young girls will be crowding the stores, looking at all the dresses and hoping to be different from the others.  Homecoming is fast approaching, and the girls can’t wait.  It’s difficult...

Gravity film doesn’t feel complete

By Jason Kiessling '16

November 9, 2013

The movie Gravity came out a couple days ago, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. The setting is in space, and Sandra Bullock plays Professor Ryan. She is fixing something on the Hubble when a Russian satellite blows up...

Prisoners has lots of suspense, twists, and mystery

By Briana Witkowski '16

November 9, 2013

The movie Prisoners directed by Denis Villeneuve recently came out in movie theaters. The trailer seemed very interesting and made me want to watch it without waiting for it to come out on DVD. I searched online for a free copy of it, found one and watched it. This movie is about two little girls who get abducted in their neighborhood on Thanks...