Angelou’s poems speak to teenagers

Kelli Tachdjian '14

April 25, 2012

            Self-confidence is essential when you’re a teenager, even as an adult. Without it, you are putty in the world’s hands. It’s hard to describe and explain. You kind of have it or you don’t. But you...

Who doesn’t love free food?

By Lisa Lessig '14

March 16, 2012

Whenever you walk in the hallway and smell a delicious aroma that you know can’t possibly be the cafeteria food, your first guess is usually that the cooking class is making something. All the cooking classes are taught by...

Where’s the beef on Route 45?

By John Cafasso '11

May 23, 2011

On Wednesday April 13th, a new 25 burgers opened in Woodbury, New Jersey, right off of route 45 across the street from Wendy’s and next to Lacrosse Republic. 25 burgers is a gourmet burger establishment that sets out to giv...

Secret Life of an American Teenager

By Morgan Smith '14

May 12, 2011

All teenagers have a secret life, things that go on behind the scenes. Likewise, the television show The Secret Life of an American Teenager is not afraid to be funny and serious. The Secret Life of an American Teenager air...

Tis’ the season to wear flip flops

By Morgan Harris '11

May 12, 2011

Bring out those newly dolled up feet ladies. It’s sandal season! As the warm weather finally says hello, women scramble to get pedicures in hopes of making the best of their pale as snow feet. But with all of the flip flop choices...

Sydney Opera House is a marvel

By A.J. Fillari '12

April 15, 2011

            The Sydney Opera House truly is a marvel among marvels. The high ceilings are like crashing waves created by a huge storm. Not only is it beautiful physically, but the sounds that come from it make the air...

Midnight Sun: Meyer’s Unfinished Master Piece

By Danielle Grover '14

March 17, 2011

            Midnight Sun is Stephenie Meyer’s newest book in the Twilight series. During Meyer’s process of writing Midnight Sun, someone hacked onto her computer and leaked the first chapter online for the wor...

How to look great for Spring Break

By Danielle Grover '14

March 16, 2011

            Every one wants to look great when they go on their spring break vacations, right? But, with the economy and clothing costs today, it’s a little hard to look great on a small budget. However, there are...

Saladworks is a tastier way to a healthier life

By Kaitlin Hackett '14

February 19, 2011

            Everyone is health conscious these days. Health food establishments are popping up all over.             These days, everyone wants to be healthier. We see the word organic much more in our...