Boys’ Basketball: a slow start but a great finish

By Thomas Cairns

May 11, 2015

From rock bottom to the top of the mountain is the true story of West Deptford Boys’ Basketball Team this season. The Eagles are a strong, athletic, and a great defensive playing team.  At the end of January, the community...

Soccer stars lead stressful lives

By Ally Hartwyk '15

December 7, 2014

            As some people know, student athletes are always busy, especially if they belong to a club team as well. Many people on the freshman high school soccer team belong to club teams, and they are in some honors...

Let the games begin

By Jalissa Carter '18

September 22, 2014

Professional football gets the crowd on the edge of their seats just like a scary movie does. Sunday’s game between the Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars provided that kind of excitement as well as another game between the Denver...

Coach Dixon leads the freshman football team to their first win

By Zachary Kaminski "17

September 22, 2014

The West Deptford Freshman Football team made their season debut on Wednesday, September 10 at Riverwinds Community Center. They started their season off against the Gloucester Catholic Rams. These two teams were different in...


July 11, 2014

Benefits of Having a Conditioned Body

By Gerald Owens '14l

June 8, 2014

Staying fit and active throughout your life helps you surpass the opponent in many ways.  If you have a conditioned body, you will see that you can go harder, but not fatigue as fast or recover faster and living will become a l...

Basketball player Tyler Leonhardt

By Gerald Owens '14

June 8, 2014

When did you start to like and play basketball? I began playing basketball when I entered kindergarten at age five. I thought it would be something I’d like. Plus, I was very sporty so it kept me entertained.  Who is your biggest ...

Q and A: Senior Spring Track and Field Hurdler Justin Demareo

By Matthew Shinkle '14

May 26, 2014

Did you feel last season was successful? (Individually, Woodbury Relays, Moorestown) I was happy with how last season went. We won a bunch of medals in the high hurdle relay and improved our times significantly. Individually, I am c...

West Deptford Boys’ Track Team trains for historic season

By Matthew Shinkle '14

May 26, 2014

A strong group of seniors is pushing this team to make it bigger and better for now and for years to come. Last year Sterling won the Colonial Conference championship, but this year Coach Mark Dixon sees a completely differ...