Soccer stars lead stressful lives

By Ally Hartwyk '15

December 7, 2014

            As some people know, student athletes are always busy, especially if they belong to a club team as well. Many people on the freshman high school soccer team belong to club teams, and they are in some honors...

Let the games begin

By Jalissa Carter '18

September 22, 2014

Professional football gets the crowd on the edge of their seats just like a scary movie does. Sunday’s game between the Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars provided that kind of excitement as well as another game between the Denver...

Coach Dixon leads the freshman football team to their first win

By Zachary Kaminski "17

September 22, 2014

The West Deptford Freshman Football team made their season debut on Wednesday, September 10 at Riverwinds Community Center. They started their season off against the Gloucester Catholic Rams. These two teams were different in...

Football captains lead the team to victory

By Gerald Owens '14

November 20, 2013

Friday nights at West Deptford High School are a very magical time since West Deptford is a football orientated town. Year after year, they are a very dominant powerhouse in the Colonial Conference and in South Jersey. Not only...

Seeley is named new head tennis coach

By Art Hill '14

November 9, 2013

The tennis team recently got a new coach, Michael James Seeley, a math teacher at West Deptford High School. He became the coach in the spring of last year. Seeley wanted to be the coach because he really enjoys playing tennis...

It’s game time

By Nina Mascali 13

September 24, 2012

There is just a different feeling when the lights come on, the music turns off and the quietness takes over the crowd and field like a wave. The whistle blows. It’s game time. Goggles on and ready. We rush to the ball like we’ll...

I am not a foot fairy

Anthony Polimeni '14

September 17, 2012

I have been playing soccer since I was four-years-old, and I have never got tired of it after eleven years. I am now fifteen-years-old, and I have excelled in this amazing and competitive sport. My life dream is to become a professional...

Football team secures first win of the season

By Brenda Boody ‘15

October 2, 2011

West Deptford Friday nights is high school football. It’s the place to be with cool air, the concession stand, the fans, and the players. They are all there to support their team. Even the alumni of  West Deptford are there.    The...

Girls’ Soccer starts their season strong

By Elizabeth Douglas ‘15

October 2, 2011

                Lady Eagles JV Soccer Team came out with their first game victory against Gateway on September 15th. The score was 3-0, and the ladies that scored these goals were Karen Knoblock (9th), Kellianne ...

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