Boys’ Basketball: a slow start but a great finish

By Thomas Cairns

May 11, 2015

From rock bottom to the top of the mountain is the true story of West Deptford Boys’ Basketball Team this season. The Eagles are a strong, athletic, and a great defensive playing team.  At the end of January, the community...

Basketball player Tyler Leonhardt

By Gerald Owens '14

June 8, 2014

When did you start to like and play basketball? I began playing basketball when I entered kindergarten at age five. I thought it would be something I’d like. Plus, I was very sporty so it kept me entertained.  Who is your biggest ...

Just one game and you will fall in love

By Brandon Adams '14

January 1, 2014

Going to a Flyers game is an experience you won’t forget. If you’ve been to one before, you know what I’m talking about. If not, well, you’re missing out. The first thing you notice is all of the fans in parking lot tailgating...

Bowling isn’t as easy as it seems

By Art Hill '14

November 9, 2013

Bowling isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes concentration, consistency, and the ability to know how to approach the pins. You have to concentrate on where to start so you know where you want the ball to go. After the first throw,...

Parsons is a year-round star

By Danielle Grover '14

November 28, 2011

                     West Deptford High School, sophomore, Ray Parsons is a star runner year round and an awesome student. Parson is on both the Cross Country Team and the Winter Track Team.            ...

Girls’ basketball starts on a good note

By Kelli Tachdjian '14

February 19, 2011

            Our own Lady Eagles basketball varsity and junior varsity start the season with a good record. Winning 6 games out of 9, makes the varsity players feel good about how they’ve played. Junior Varsity has...

Winter Track Team runs in freezing temperatures

Kelli Tachdjian '14

January 27, 2011

Running frozen doesn’t sound like a fun activity iin the winter time, but for West Deptford’s very own Winter Track team, this is the most normal thing you can do.             Winter Track has many of the events...

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