Austin is pleased with her JV Girls’ Lacrosse season

By Alyssa Palumbo '16

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It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and school has just ended.  The girl’s lacrosse team races out of the locker room dressed in bright, colorful pinnies, shorts, and cleats.  As they make their way over to the bright green lacrosse fields, they prepare for the day’s practice.

Once at the field the girls start running laps to warm-up.  “We usually do what’s called an xbox,” says JV freshman lacrosse player Brianna Austin.  “An xbox is when you run a lap around the entire field and then run from corner to corner diagonally.”

Austin has been playing lacrosse for three years now.  “I started lacrosse when I was in sixth grade,” she says. “I wanted to try it because some of my friends were doing it, and it looked fun.”

This season was Austin’s third season playing lacrosse as an attacker.  “It was really hard transitioning from rec lacrosse to high school lacrosse.  But, at the same time, it was really fun being around all of my friends and making new ones as well.”

After school, the girl’s lacrosse team, both JV and varsity, practices from 2:30-5:30 p.m.   After the team warms up and runs, they usually work on drills that teach certain techniques. “We usually do throwing and catching drills,” says Austin. “Sometimes we do them in place and sometimes we do them running.”  The girls also practice shooting.  “I like practicing shooting a lot because im an attacker, so scoring goals is part of my job.  A few games ago I had three goals in one game.  I was really excited,” says Austin.

As well as practicing six to seven days a week, the girls also participate in around three games per week.  “The day of a lacrosse game, our teams usually wear our uniform to school.  Some of us also wear our sweatshirts because it’s cold,” says Austin.  There are some successful strategies that Austin utilizes to prepare for a competition. “The day of a game I try to really stay hydrated and drink a lot of water,” says Austin.  “I also try to eat a healthy lunch as well, sometimes fruit, and my mom always packs me a snack for the game or the bus ride to the game.”

At the end of the girls’ lacrosse regular season, the team won the Gloucester County Cup and are currently playing in playoff games.