Football captains lead the team to victory

By Gerald Owens '14

Friday nights at West Deptford High School are a very magical time since West Deptford is a football orientated town. Year after year, they are a very dominant powerhouse in the Colonial Conference and in South Jersey. Not only do the players strive for excellence, but the fans are there every step of the way. For the past three years, the team has made it to the State Championship, and in two of the three they have won the title.

In the past four years the teams’ record is now 33-4. It was achieved with the help and leadership of their dominant captains. At the start of every season, they are missing the leadership of the previous year’s four senior captains, but four new captains are then nominated to take on this present year’s season.

This year’s captains are a group of best friends that have played together since day one. Isaiah Worthy was the first captain to be chosen. He was amongst the top candidates in Iron Man, which is a series of events that test each player’s strength, speed, and endurance.

“This season, I am stronger and faster, and I feel like I’ve grown so much as a football player,” says Worthy. “My responsibilities are leading the team and showing all the underclassman the West Deptford tradition,” says Worthy.

Another captain that was selected was Nicholas Pulli, one of the nation’s top shot-putters and discus throwers. He is also a top five Iron Man winner. “We have a very talented team this year. But we have to work hard every day because everyone wants to beat West Deptford. It’s like we have a target on our backs,” Pulli said.

Although Pulli is very talented at both sports, he will be playing his last year of football with the senior class he’s grown up with. “It’s crazy how fast time goes. I remember when we we’re all four and five playing for Coach Devin.”

Another captain who was selected was Gerald Owens, also a winner of Ironman. He broke three records including the dead lift, the total points for ironman and the total weights.  “I need to be respectful on and off the field. If I don’t do the right things, how can I tell someone else to do right things?” Owens feels that this season is going to be the best ever. I will do everything possible to win,” he says.

The fourth captain selected was Joey Diaco, a top five Ironman winner. “I truly believe we have the parts to make it to the top. We have to work together in order for that to happen,” said Diaco.  He has fond memories of being on the team with Coach Devin. “I will miss every one of the players. We are more than just a team. We are a family,” Diaco says.

This season the captains feel like they have everything in order to win. The first two games the team outscored their opponents 76-0 and 61-0. West Deptford’s head coach Clyde Folsom also thinks they have what it takes. “The team has consistently improved throughout the past six weeks. If we stay healthy and have unselfish altitudes, we should be in the thick of things at the end,” said Folsom.