Stetson returns to West Deptford as teacher

By Jennie Rutkowski ‘15

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While a student at West Deptford, Courtney Stetson was friendly to all her classmates and participated in swimming and track and field. She was even voted Best-All-Around in her senior year. Recently hired as a math teacher, she is now again another familiar face around school.

Ever since she was little, Stetson wanted to be a teacher. To fulfill this aspiration, she attended Monmouth University before heading onto Wilmington College to study mathematics.

“It’s great. I like that it’s role reversal,” Stetson said grinning. “I feel I can understand the students better, and it’s funny to be calling teachers by their first names now.”

Her students also feel like they can relate to her since she is a young teacher. Her teaching method is also different than some of the veteran teachers with less notes and more discussion and allowing the students to work with partners.

Before achieving her current teaching position, she substituted for four years and was the assistant Field Hockey coach. In both high school and college, she was captain of her team. Luckily being            Being a coach and teacher doesn’t cause any conflict for Stetson. “Whether on the field or in the classroom, I expect the students to be the same–listen to me and follow instructions,” Stetson said.

Stetson likes her students and knows them well from substituting. She knows almost the whole sophomore class and enjoys this year’s freshman. Her students also enjoy her and have positive things to say. “We love her! She is the best teacher,” said ninth graders Giovanni Gismondi and Brandon Gilliam. “We always look forward to her class and love getting participation points.”

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