Q and A: Senior Spring Track and Field Hurdler Justin Demareo

By Matthew Shinkle '14

Did you feel last season was successful? (Individually, Woodbury Relays, Moorestown) I was happy with how last season went. We won a bunch of medals in the high hurdle relay and improved our times significantly. Individually, I am content with how I did as I broke my goal of a minute in the 400 hurdles, but I am angry I lost to a Haddonfield kid twice in the event.

What impact do you feel new coach Steve Mitchell can have on the hurdlers? He will bring a ton of experience to help train and push us to be better. He was insanely fast in high school as a state champ so his leadership will definitely help.

What is your favorite event? The 400 hurdles are unique to me in that I came out as a sophomore and excelled in the event. Also, not that many kids participate in it since it’s considered a tough event so I also feel that makes it unique.

You injured your ankle while on vacation before Spring Track started. How has that affected your pre-season training? Injuring my ankle slightly affected my training as I missed a week and a half of running right at the start of the season. I was able to keep biking and swimming to keep my cardio up so it did not affect me greatly.

Last year you got 142 points, 4th on the team. Can you do better this year? I honestly believe I will get about the same because I may not run the 400 meter relay as much but rather focus on my hurdle events. I plan on winning even more races though so that will help me receive points.

Why have you been doing so much mileage before this season as opposed to last year? I have been running more to train for the 800 and even help out in the 400 hurdles. A better cardio and base will help out in any event.

Are there any surprise events you are considering doing? I plan on running the 800m occasionally this year, which is an event I haven’t run since sophomore year. I am excited about it.

What is your biggest motivation for competing in the hurdles? My biggest hope this year is to beat Brendan Werner from Haddonfield In the event and get first team all-conference for the 400 hurdles. Also, I want to win Woodbury Relays in the 110 high hurdle relay.

Do you think WD can win the Conference this year? WD will no doubt win the conference this year if we all run our times and beat Haddonfield who is the only competition.

Do you like our chances at Woodbury Relays this year for the gold watch? I do, as long as none of us mess up and we run a clean race. Senior Shai Mumford  has to get a good start, and all of us other guys must extend the lead since there are many good teams running the relay.

What times would you like to break in your events? I would like to break  59 seconds in the 400 hurdles and get a low 16 second in the 110 high hurdles. I would like to also get 54 seconds in 400 meter.

Do you watch your nutrition to ensure you’re at your best when in season? I watch what I eat all the time to keep my cardio up and ensure best performance.

What school records do you think you may be able to break this year? (Either as an individual or in a relay). I believe we can break any relay intermediate hurdle event.

Three of the four shuttle hurdle guys are graduating this year. Who can you see filling those sports next year? Josh Legg ‘16, possibly Kyle Wenzel ‘15 and my brother Conner Demareo ‘17 have the potential to fill in.

Do you plan to run in college, and if so where? I do not plan on running competitively but rather as a hobby or workout activity to stay in shape.