Senior Trip no time to relax for two West Deptford Track standouts

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Almost 1,000 miles away from home, Kevin Cianfarini and Dale Johnson continue to practice. 

Athletics have always meant a lot to the students at West Deptford High School, from the football field to the track and beyond, but two athletes took it to new lengths recently to ensure practice still makes perfect.

Kevin Cianfarini and Dale Johnson, both seniors, run Track and Field in the spring season. While on Senior Trip, they made sure their training was still on-going. “The dates that senior trip fell on were some of the most important days out of the whole season,” said Cianfarini. “It was the finishing touches to our base mileage, and without that we would’ve peaked too early.”

Johnson saw it as an opportunity to better prepare himself than his future opponents, saying, “if you want to be one of the best, you have to train even when everyone is sleeping.”

Cianfarini, who runs the 4x400m relay, the 800m, the distance medley relay, and the sprint medley relay, achieved success in the Winter Track season as well, going to nationals for the 800m.

A big possible threat that could have affected these seniors training was sleep. Luckily, both these seniors said the training didn’t really affect their experience on Senior Trip at all. “Everyone was tired on the trip, including us,” said Cianfarini, “I still had a massive amount of fun, despite the rings around my eyes. There was so much to do on that it didn’t bother me.”

The runs these athletes did were simple runs, all mileage based. Their sole purpose was to keep their legs pumping, and ensure that they stay in shape on Senior Trip at a time when most forget about their bodies and the shape they must stay in the be at the top of their game. Over the three days that they ran, they compiled a total of 18 miles, compiling seven on the first day, six on the second day, and then a quick five on the third day, all at a normal and relaxed pace.

On the last day, a potential workout was nearly added to the routine for the last day; however, “Campbell texted us too late to get a mile repeat workout in after we were already in Animal Kingdom,” said Cianfarini.

Both athletes feel running can often be a hard thing to do alone. Motivating is hard to do when by yourself, and even with only one other athlete, so “all of these runs were done with the Delsea Track team so it was nice to have some more people with us,” said Cianfarini.

Lastly, nutrition played a huge role during Senior Trip, but unfortunately was ignored. Nutrition “took a seat to the tasty yet overprice food options,” said Johnson.

Cianfarini and Johnson both ran last Tuesday in the meet against Haddonfield, where Cianfarini ran the 800m and the 4x400m relay, and Johnson the 3200m and the 1600m, where the Eagles prevailed over the Haddonfield Bulldawgs.