West Deptford Boys’ Track Team trains for historic season

By Matthew Shinkle '14

A strong group of seniors is pushing this team to make it bigger and better for now and for years to come.

Last year Sterling won the Colonial Conference championship, but this year Coach Mark Dixon sees a completely different perspective about who the potential crowned champion will be.

“Sterling lost a lot of people,” said Dixon. “Haddonfield will be our biggest challenge; they have a strong distance team but ours can go with them now, and that throws hurdles, sprints, and throws in our favor. Our biggest worry is potential injury, but it happens to every team.”

Sterling lost many popular faces, most notably long distance runner Jimmy Daniels ‘13, and given this new light, the West Deptford Boys’ Team should be optimistic. The same potential was there last year, and the team can have only grown in skill in this coming season, as the team lost only three seniors, and gained numerous freshmen from the Middle School. Twenty-one of the top twenty-two point scorers for the team are returning and hold the promise for even more improvement in the upcoming year.

Among the younger members of the team, distance coach Tim Campbell had only great things to say of what he has seen in all his new runners, and he was emphatic of two in particular. “I’d say it’s a race between Ryan Ward and Dennis Ferriozi. Their work ethic, their determination; they do everything they are supposed to do.” And the last four words captured the essence of the whole team: “and don’t forget talent.”

This team features a tremendous amount of talent. The top five point scorers from last year’s season, seniors Shai Mumford, Nick Pulli, Kevin Cianfarini, Justin Demareo and Dale Johnson, featured all three components of Track and Field–long distance, sprinting and throwing. All three of these components have extreme amounts of talent dispersed throughout every event, making every race and event more and more exciting as the meet continues.

The passion of Track and Field is one endured by the whole team, no matter what events you are to compete in for the day. No one sits the bench; everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the team, and even make varsity, depending most importantly on how hard they are willing to work. Dale Johnson ‘14 said, “All of the younger guys have the ability to contribute to the team that we are going to have this year.” As most track runners are multiple season athletes, and also usually take part in Winter Track in the previous season as well, he also said, “All the guys are really putting in the time and work to do something special which is something to be proud of.” This includes multiple factors that are key components to success in any sport, from hard training to proper nutrition.

In the end, this season is one to favor towards another championship in the West Deptford record books. Dale Johnson, again, realizes what is in front of him and is ready to take every advantage.

“I am very excited for the upcoming season and all the great PR’s and titles to come,” said Johnson.