Basketball player Tyler Leonhardt

By Gerald Owens '14

When did you start to like and play basketball? I began playing basketball when I entered kindergarten at age five. I thought it would be something I’d like. Plus, I was very sporty so it kept me entertained. 

Who is your biggest fan? My biggest fan is my momma; she has been there for me no matter what. Even though I get on her nerves at time, I love my mama.

What is your favorite position to play? My favorite position to play in basketball is shooting guard because I can shoot threes, and I can drive in and get you to the rack.

What team do you think was the most dominant out of four years in high school? During my senior year, we broke many of the school’s records and went the first round of the play offs.

Who is your favorite coach? Donald Clark was a great head coach. He understood the game at this level better than most people his age.

What was it like to play for him? It was very fun; he knew when to get us working and knew when to have fun. He was a great person who I looked up to, and I will miss him when I leave.

What is your highest scoring game? The most I scored in a single game this past season was 22 points. I was feeling it that night, and my buckets dropped.

What player do you like to play like? LeBron because he can dominate the paint, and he can shoot. He is a very good facilitator and is clutch when he needs to be. He is going down as one of the greatest ever.

What’s your favorite team in college and NBA? My favorite team in college is Villanova, and my favorite NBA team is the Miami Heat.

How long have you liked them? I began to like them when I was little. Ever since then, I’ve been a diehard fan.

Why would you say that is the best? They win chips. Even though Villanova has been off lately, I believe they will have a comeback soon. And as far as the heat, they are about to win their third straight NBA title

What motivates you to keep playing? I like to win and to achieve new goals for myself. So I guess that keeps me motivated and my head straight.

Who’s your closest friend on the squad? Justin Hanson. He is hilarious, and he knows me better than anyone else on the team.

What’s your relationship like on the court? We are brothers. We are a family out there, and nothing is ever gonna change that.

What was going through your mind after you last game? It’s over. I can’t believe it, but it’s over. It felt like a nightmare that I could never wake up from.

Are you attending college? Yes, I haven’t decided yet, but I am going to college.

Do you plan on attending and playing ball? Yes, I attended to walk on to the colleges’ team I go to.

Do you think you’ll find a team that will compare to your senior year’s team?  Nope, my last year of high school ball will be remembered forever. The friendships I made will last a life time.