Freshman field hockey team striving to win

West Deptford The players are putting their phones down and getting their equipment on. The West Deptford High School freshman field hockey 2014 season has started. There are many new girls getting ready. Danielle Fisher, the field hockey coach, thinks the team is doing great. “We started the season short a few players, but now we have a full team. They are growing stronger individually and as a team everyday,” she said.

Hailey Finocchio, freshman field hockey player, feels that she has made a good choice doing field hockey this year: “I have learned lots of techniques thanks to the wonderful coaches. I have learned lots of stick skills and to always Mark-Up (stand shoulder to shoulder to each other and block) when someone has the ball so it will give me a better chance of getting the ball back.”

This is the first year playing field hockey for some girls, and they say they are loving it and feel more involved in the West Deptford High School. Sometimes the drills can be difficult, but you have to try your best. Overall, the girls say they are having a great experience.

During their practices, they have been working on many drills and stick and ball skills to help prepare them to do great on the field. Maggie Squillace, field hockey player, says, “We have learned the plays and positions well. These group of girls are eager and always ready to learn and practice.”

Finocchio said that the field hockey team is like a second family to her. She says the team has a connection together.  These group of girls hang out together and make each other laugh. They are always having a great time.

Jasmine Dally, freshman field hockey player, says that practice is helpful: “Practicing makes you better on the field because you work to your full potential. You never give up and you will be more accurate.”  Squillace concurs: “If you are only going to give in half of your effort, then you aren’t going to get anything out of it.”

            At practice the girls are not only learning how to play a sport but how to be responsible and loyal to the team. “You have to have a well-rounded attitude and always be prepared to come to practice and work hard. You have to be doing great in your school work because if not you will not be allowed on the team,” says Finocchio.

The coaches say you have to put as much effort on the field as you put into your school work.

So far during the season the freshman field hockey team is doing great. Parent Michael Gismondi feels that the team is dominating. “The team has gelled and are playing like a group that wants to be there and progress to a higher level of play,”he says.

Gismondi says that watching the games are very exciting for him. “I’ve enjoyed watching the games so far, and I am highly intrigued as a parent and a fan to see how much more they have accomplished and how much they are coming along.”

            Fisher thinks her freshman team group of girls are amazing.” Our team is already a family. It is made up of girls who are kind, passionate and talented. They come together and support on and off the field. I am proud of our girls because they represent what it means to be a West Deptford Eagle.”