Gore adjusts to move from Massachusetts

By Caterina Gismondi ‘18

Every day there are kids moving and having to change schools. Over the course of people’s lives out of a population of 282,556,000 people, 40,093,000 move says on the Direct Marketing News website. Malik Baker-Gore is 15-years-old and is a freshman at the West Deptford High School.

            Gore has moved plenty of times but this last time was different. “This was one of the biggest moves. All of my other moves were still in Massachusetts. This one was to New Jersey,” he says.

            According to Gore, Massachusetts was more rural (countryside).“The fall was nice with the changing of leaves and the cool weather,” he explained.

            As the day came closer for Gore to move, he was getting more anxious and excited. He was worried at first. “I was nervous about living in a new home, meeting new people, and a new place,” he says.

Gore felt like once he moved, everything he knew would be gone, but it was actually going to be nice since he was going to be closer to his family permanently.

            Gore had moved because his dad had gotten a new job. “He got a job he really wanted at the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge,” Gore says.

            When Gore’s family was moving, it took a lot of hard work. “I was actually at school when they did the first day of moving, and then we all worked on getting the stuff together,” Gore said.

When Gore first had moved into his new home in New Jersey, his neighbors were really friendly, and his parents met some nice people.

            At first moving to another school was difficult for Malik. “Changing schools this time was more complex. When I moved to the other schools, they were still around the area so I knew my way around, and I knew people,” says Gore “This time I didn’t know anyone.”

            At the West Deptford High School, the Friends of Rachel Club has a breakfast each year for new students who like Gore and who just moved to this school.

            “It was fun. They had created a game to allow everyone used to each other. Everyone was in a pretty good mood, and nobody was nervous. Some kids met new friends,” Gore explains.

            Gore says there is a lot of friendly people, but he hasn’t really made any serious bonds yet. Overall, though he is adjusting well. His family is looking for a house but for now, they are in an apartment where Gore has met some students who go on his bus and go to the same high school with him. With the new school new house and new friends, Gore feels like he has a fresh start.