Homecoming is the most wonderful time of the year

By Ally Hartwyk '15

The music is pumping and the screaming is getting louder. People are dancing and singing. It’s starting to get crowded on the dance floor. Different colors flash around as more people move. Heels are clicking and feet are stomping. Some people come with dates and some don’t. This is Homecoming 2014.

            Not only is there dancing, but every year there is a different theme. Last year there was a “Candy Land” theme. The year before that was an “Under the Stars” theme, and this year it is a beach theme. “It is very entertaining because you don’t know what you’re going to see before you enter the room,” says junior Justin Hastings.

            Most of the night is spent by having fun with friends or your date. “It may seem like a complete fun and carefree night, but you see some strange things like the teachers dancing,” says junior Eric Ainsley.

            Not only are upperclassmen excited, but freshman are as well. “I’m looking forward for a lot of things, but one event coming up that really stands out to me is Homecoming. The reason why is because it will be my first high school dance, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of my friends there, too. Homecoming should be a fun time to spend with my friends and my date Rebecca Topeka. I’ll probably even dance, although that won’t be a fun sight to see, and I will socialize with people,” says freshman Colin Frantzen.

For most freshman this is a first time experience and event. “I’m looking forward to having fun with my friends and getting to go to an event. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I love getting all dressed up and looking like a princess,” says freshman Morgan Hill.  

Even though some people have a date, that is not stopping Hill from having the night of her life. “I do not have a date this year, but I am going with a group of amazing people I call my friends, and I’m ready to have fun with them. I don’t need a date to have fun!”

Before Homecoming, girls have to spend hours doing their hair, makeup, nails, toes, and eyebrows, but it is not so easy for the boys either. “There are a lot of things I need to do before Homecoming. I need to get a haircut, a suit, a corsage and flowers,” states Frantzen. “I treat it as any other day, but I hope things go as planned, and I hope that everything runs smoothly.”

At previous dances, some students enjoyed the food; others enjoyed seeing their friends dressed nice, but Justin Hastings’ favorite part was when they announced Homecoming King. “It’s such a riveting feeling, and you never know who’s going to get picked. The excitement really adds joy to the rest of the night.”

Even if you do go with a date, you can spend time with your friends as well. “I am so excited to spend Homecoming with my friends because I haven’t gotten to see much of them between soccer and school,” says freshman Ali Bartley. “Although, I do have a date, I will be dancing and taking pictures with my friends mostly. It will be fun because there is going to be a lot of food, and my best friends will be there, so what more could I ask for?”

The dance may seem like the highlight of the night, but to some students, it’s only the beginning. “The best part of my night will be going to the after party and hanging out with my friends,” says sophomore Brendan Leonhardt, “We get to express ourselves more and just relax after a stressful night.”

Some students are excited to attend this night of fun like student Morgan Hill. “Homecoming will be fun because it will be an event when everyone can socialize outside of school, but in school. I am extremely excited, and I can’t wait to have the best night of my life,” says Hill.