Soccer stars lead stressful lives

By Ally Hartwyk '15

            As some people know, student athletes are always busy, especially if they belong to a club team as well. Many people on the freshman high school soccer team belong to club teams, and they are in some honors classes. Having to balance two soccer teams and still have time for homework takes up a lot of time in a student’s life.

            “Having no practice on the weekend is a perk, but it’s also a lot of work to balance,” says freshman soccer player Morgan Kennedy.

            During the week, they have high school games and practices, homework, tests, quizzes, projects and club team practices.

            “My club team has practices during the week and so does high school, so it’s hard to bounce back and forth between practices and still have time for homework,” Morgan Kennedy says.

            Most of the people on the soccer team can agree that being on both teams is very stressful. After soccer, the players can’t even relax. They have to take a shower then stay up all night doing homework.

            “It’s a lot to do, but it’s all worth it if you have love for the sport,” says student athlete, Ava McKeever, “Being on a club team is worth it. You get to know more people from different towns, and you get to play different ways of soccer from high school to club.”

            There are tremendous perks and down sides to being on two teams. If you played for a club team before, it makes it easier to play on a high school team. They already know what to do when you get onto the pitch. They will know how to communicate with other players, and you will know how to play controlled soccer, especially if you started earlier than others.

            “Even though being on a club team and high school team is a lot of work, it’s all worth it. I love constantly playing the sport I love,” says defensive player Ali Bartley.