W.D. is “Lucky” to find a new mascot

By Ellen Hamilton ‘15

The West Deptford football team won the Group II State Championship in 2011 and 2012. Although they did not win last year, they made to it the championships, but weren’t successful in winning the game.  Due to the fact we have such a great team, it’s safe to say some would call our town a little football crazy.  Being there to support the boys under the Friday night lights has become a priority for many students, parents, West Deptford residents, and alumni.

Aside from the cheerleaders working on getting the stands pumped up and cheering on the boys, it’s also the job of the new mascot this year, senior Walker Luck.

            Luck found his first game exciting. I’m glad we won, but I also realized I have a lot to work on. The job is more difficult than it seemed to be. I don’t always know what to do to keep everyone in the stands excited and into the game, I found myself simply standing around a lot.  Hopefully, that will change as I start to learn dances and cheers to do along with the cheerleaders.”

In addition to being the new mascot, Luck also works as a lifeguard and plays basketball for the high school..  On top of school work, that can be a lot of responsibility.  Luck says, “I’ve always done well in school and been very responsible.  I’m determined to do well in all areas of my life, and I always love a challenge, so I’m sure it will all work out fine.”