Feeling like a caveman in the 21st century

By Kyle Dugan ‘21

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When I get a ding or a buzz, and I see one of my good friends Snapchatted me, I instantly grab my phone and unlock it and go to the app. Then it won’t let me open the picture he sent me. I think it’s just a normal thing with Snapchat so I double click and swipe up to clear everything from my phone. Then when I get back on the app, it still won’t load, so I go to app to app and nothing is loading. I have a mental breakdown or two and I realize, I am now a caveman.

Sitting on my bed feeling like what is 30 minutes, I check one more time and still nothing is showing up. I put my phone down thinking that would help, and then five seconds later, I check if it works, and it doesn’t. I do this a good 5-10 times, and I have decided that my life is over. In the meantime, I look around my room and decided, “Maybe if I clean my room, and it can be a good 5 or 10 minutes and my wifi will be working!”

I finished cleaning and I run like I have never run before to check my phone. Still nothing. I want to throw my phone across the room and just show all my anger, but I know I have no money to repair it so I just start to punch my pillow and get all my anger out on it. Now I have had a good 100 breakdowns, and I just sit in the darkness staring at my wall.

I walked around my house seeing things I thought were new, and I asked my mom if she just got this and she said, “No we have had that for about two years now.” Wow, the things I can see without my phone.

Then I hear the best sound I have ever heard in my life. That ding which my phone basically screaming at my “The wifi is working! Come and love me!”

Finally, I can be back to my normal self and not a caveman. I grab my phone and text every single person that I know and told them I just witnessed hell. Hopefully this will never happen to me again because if it did, I know I wouldn’t survive.