Horrors of Simple Typos

By Elizabeth Patch ‘21

In today’s society, technology has completely taken over the world. Typos have become very common in today’s society because of laziness. The most common typos or abbreviations that you probably should not use at work or school are “u,” “ur,” “bc,” “cuz,” “u 2,” “luv u,” etc. When typing or writing an important document for work, school, or anything, I do not think the person reading that document would be very happy with the result if you use those abbreviations.

Some of the most famous people in our time have made embarrassing typos that millions of people have seen. Many celebrities have tried to jump in on political activities that make them look bad because of one simple typo. As soon as you release something on the Internet, you can truly never take it back, and you do not realize that until you realize it until you become a world famous meme. Typos are also very common in restaurant titles. Always make sure your spelling is correct because do you really want people to make you a laughing stock?

The fact that you will write out an entire format just to e-mail a teacher and the response you get it something so simple like “Ok that’s fine.” They teach you a whole format on how to type a proper e-mail when in reality- they will probably just respond to you half-asleep on their phones. The teachers probably do not even read the whole email. They look for the “moral” of the story and reply with short yes or no answers without a slight explanation.

Whether you use the wrong form of “there,” “to,” etc, people will cut you no slack. When you misspell or use the wrong form of something, you practically just put yourself up on the chopping block. We all make mistakes once in a while, but there will always be that one person who will never let it go till the day you die. That person will bring it up anytime there are important people around, or even just your relatives. One silly mistake could lead to embarrassment for the rest of your life. So life lesson, unless you want to be the biggest joke around, watch what you type.