The Blind Spot

By Hailey Finocchio ’18

When you think of a razor scooter, you don’t usually expect to hear that it was responsible for a near death experience. I think it is safe to say that I am the only person you know who has managed to rip her eye open from a razor scooter. An injury like mine sounds serious, which it was, but it was way more embarrassing than it was painful.

Having to explain to every one of my peers that the reason my face looks so messed up is because I tripped and fell off a razor scooter is not the most exuberant thing to say.

Anyone who suffers from the same horrible luck as I do, bless your soul. Ripping my eye open (directly under the eye), was not even the bad part of my injury. All of the events to come directly after the incident are what I would consider to be bad.

As if ripping my face open wasn’t dreadful enough, try this luck. I had gone to MedExpress after my injury and received five stitches directly under my eye with no numbing. Imagine the pressure of someone tying his laces right under your cornea. I’m not sure where God was that night, but he clearly wasn’t on my side because the doctors managed to put the wrong amount of stitches under my eye, causing a serious infection.

I spent the night after the accident home alone, since the doctors had told us everyone was okay. (They lied). Throughout the night, I kept calling my parents to ask them to come home because my eye swelled up so much that I could not see. Knowing how overly dramatic I tend to be, my parents figured I was exaggerating and said I could wait, so I literally had to sit in my house half blind.

If you can’t guess already, my night was getting better by the hour. After my parents came home and finally believed me that I had some issues going on with my face, we went to the hospital. The doctors at Inspira now became the second set of doctors to incorrectly “treat” me. How fun.

I don’t even know what the doctors claimed happened to me (I honestly don’t have a lot of memory left from the accident, which is probably alarming). I do remember I had to lie down in a large tube to get a CT Scan that felt like it lasted a lifetime, and the best was, I wasn’t allowed to blink! It felt as though I had sustained 1,000 bee stings in my eyeball.

This injury ended up lasting about two weeks since no doctor felt like helping me out. After visiting many, many doctors (some who literally admitted that they have not seen this and did not know what to do), we saw my girl Andrea, an ophthalmologist (who in my opinion saved my life basically).

I would like to send a big shout out to all of the doctors I saw because now I had to get eye surgery since I went untreated for so long. There is no better feeling than having an eye surgeon tell you that if I didn’t get surgery, I would go blind in my left eye. An even better statement, I was too busy worrying about my looks that I didn’t even realize I never felt pain, not once. Let me remind you that after I fell off the scooter and looked in the mirror, I could literally see the bone structure under my eye, but never experienced pain. It turns out I busted a nerve in my left eye and had lost feeling in my face for over a year. My life was going great.

For the rest of the year, I was not allowed to go in the sunlight without extreme protection over my scars. The moral of the story is, if you are as clumsy as I am, never go near a razor scooter. It’s probably for the best.