We’re harboring little monsters we call angels

By Alexis Leotta ‘18

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The dismantled walls gouged out with claw marks, the ear-screeching howling at the birds, the painstaking routine to make sure the glass enclosures securing a scaly beast is just the right temperature of extreme heat–each of these things and more are what we as pet owners so happily and willingly accept as our new fates.

Pets are something that many of us seem to surround ourselves with, whether it be our own, or a relative’s, or a friend’s, or perhaps even one we see passing along on the streets. Pets are the second half of many of us.

Often times we think that we are the ones in charge, but this is in fact where we are dead wrong. We unknowingly let these little beasts take over our lives, ordering us when to give them food, to let them outside and when to entertain them, all of which we willingly comply to.

Each pet is different and yet the same. With dogs and cats they are like little children that we can’t take out eyes off of or else they might breaks something or themselves. With reptiles, they need the perfect temperature to keep them alive. We must be on guard if the heat light should ever go out, which did in fact happen to my friend once. Luckily it wasn’t for that long and Butters, her snake, was fine.

I myself have had the honor of growing up with two dogs and then years later, a cat. They had to have been some of the greatest times in my life, knowing that when dinner time rolled around, I could not sit down until both of the dogs had gotten a portion of the food from the table. And if one of the dogs had happen to fall asleep on my lap, it was the equivalence of a house being dropped on top of me. Meaning I could not move until those dogs did on their own. No appointment or event or activity could make me move from my spot. Until the dogs woke up I was cursed to be a statue.

With my cat it was very different as opposed to the dogs. My cat Oliver was a little ball of energy. If you even looked at him and he went still, he was bound to be jumping onto the walls in just the blink of an eye and running down the hall in the next. If, however, you decided to break that eye contact first and turn away, you had then better be ready for the sword like sharpness of his claws in the back on your leg.
Oliver was truly a peculiar cat that had always done strange things, such as wanting to jump into the shower right after someone had finished, seeing how far he could claw up the wall, and even jumping on top of the our patio door. It was a trick none of us were ever able to catch him doing and to this day are still confused on how he always managed to do it.

Pets are truly something else. Even with all of their destruction and mayhem, we love them unconditionally. Because no matter how hazardous they can be at times, each one of them make for great lifelong friends.