West Deptford seniors triumph in traditional PowderPuff game

West Deptford seniors triumph in traditional PowderPuff game

By John Cafasso '11

            On a frigid cold night on Dec. 12th, the seniors and juniors from West Deptford took the field in the traditional PowderPuff game.

            Before the game started, senior coach Eric Gendron shared his prediction on how he felt the game would play out.

            “There is no chance for the juniors. I almost feel bad,” said Gendron. “Tonight is the night that your questions will be answered. The seniors look phenomenal and are ready to go.”

            The result of the game was the biggest question going in and seemingly the most significant aspect of the game. Senior Briana Bergin felt confident in her team’s ability.

            “We look pretty decent and well prepared,” said Bergin. “We’re obviously going to win, no big deal.”

              Faculty member Debbie Richman stated that the games have been around for “about 41 years.” She participated when she attended high school.

            “We used to always play the Saturday after Thanksgiving,” says Richman. “In my day it wasn’t a given who wins. We just played for the fun. It was just a neat competition.”

           The coaching staff for the seniors consisted of Ian Crowley, Ryan Dean, Eric Gendron, Josh Gilliano, and Charlie Roetz. On the opposing side, the junior class coaching staff consisted of Nick Baud, Brendan Glass, and Joey Pinto.

             The game promptly began at 7:00 p.m. at a very chilly 31 degrees with a surprising slight snowfall. The wind speed averaged at 11.51 m.p.h.

            After a good effort by both sides, the end result was 42-21 seniors. Senior running backs Jessica Anderson, Amy Kinkler, Kelly Brewster and Tori Rost each contributed a touchdown, while running back Jamie Robinson scored twice.

            Running back Katie Leahy was the lone point contributor for the juniors, posting a total of three touchdowns.

            Senior Christa Neary was proud of the efforts of her team.

            “The offense was strong in running the ball,” says Neary. “Our defense was also very strong in containing the junior offense.”

            Junior quarterback Alicia Barger felt that there were some things that her team could have done differently.

           “There was a lot of tension. It was so bad that a fight almost broke out,” says Barger. “Looking back, we should have practiced grabbing the flag and blocking more too.”

            Just like past years, both sides had fun and displayed good, healthy competition. And so the tradition lives on as next year the juniors will take on this years sophomores.