Thanks to Decker another one bites the dust

Thanks to Decker another one bites the dust

By Piers Rim '12

Field hockey coach Linda Decker won her 300th career game.

For 19 years, Decker has been coaching the field hockey team here in the high school. “After coaching for such a long time, you’re bound to win 300 games,” Decker said jokingly.

Tim Cammarota, the Athletic Director, is impressed. He appreciates the hard work and dedication put into the program by Decker. “Beyond the milestone of 300 wins lies the fact that this accomplishment occurred in just 19 years which is the testament to Coach Decker’s incredible consistency in building tradition and commitment in our Field Hockey program,” said Cammarota.

Her field hockey players were very proud of Decker. She claims that the win was “just another win” and that the title of the victory being the 300th one didn’t mean as much as the game itself.

“It was a good win. Our team played well, but we couldn’t have won without the support and guidance of our coaches. Coach Decker deserves it,” said Deanna Szymborski, captain of the team.

The team played against HaddonTownship and won, which is a big deal according to Decker. “Every game is very important, and every game means something.”

As expected from the coach, Decker said that the players were the only reason that the 300th win was achievable. She made sure that the players were given the credit that was due to them.

After such an accomplishment, all Decker looks forward to is winning the next game, which is against Eastern at October 25.