Layton wins top quadding awards

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By Piers Rim '12

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            Aside from having a brother that teaches driver’s education and runs a booming driving school, Andy Layton (11th) also harbors some driving abilities of his own. He drives quads competitively, and he’s good.

            Layton won a 4th place finish for the overall season along with a 3rd place at the Atco Classic, and he was top 10 in his races at the beach.

            Riding quads since he was only six-years-old, Layton started to develop a sense for competitive quad racing and began to compete at the age of seven.

            His drive to compete was an internal one. “No one really inspired me, but my mom and my dad are really supportive about me riding,” said Layton.

            Not only his mom and his dad, but his brother seems to be extremely supportive as well. “I’m a strong supporter for him, absolutely, me and my son, Trent,” said Vince Layton, Andy Layton’s brother.

            Of course, doing such a dangerous sport comes with risks. During his time racing quads, Layton has broken his arm in three spots. Recovery took him about nine weeks.

            Although they are worried for him, Layton’s family is still very supportive and very understanding.

            Even still, Layton continues to grow in skill. “He definitely progressed throughout this season. He’s gotten pretty good,” said Layton’s brother, Vince.

            Layton is still unsatisfied with where he is at, however. He has hopes in achieving a 1st place in his overall class by next year. “That is what I really want to do,” said Layton. “My goals are not to get hurt next year like I did this year and to come at least in the top three in every race.”

            Practicing is rather difficult. He does it every weekend though, at least the weekends when he’s not competing. He rides with his friends, his brother, and sometimes his nephew Trent. “I developed my skills just by riding and practicing. I mostly practice at Atco and Blue Diamond, Delaware. Watching videos of yourself racing also helps a lot,” says Layton.

            In hopes of being as good as Dustin Wimmer, a seven-time national champion and Layton’s role model, he will strive to compete and improve.

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Layton wins top quadding awards