Seniors take home another PowderPuff win


By Piers Rim '12

It was an exciting Monday night football game, but you can’t find it on ESPN. It was the high school’s annual Powderpuff football game.

Powderpuff football is tradition in our school. It’s when the females in both the senior and junior class compete in a friendly game of flag football. Coached by men in their respective classes, the juniors and seniors anticipate game night.

The game was fierce and physical. Many penalties were called, but the junior class seemed to have it worse with a whopping 10 penalties compared to the seniors’ 4.

Tarryn Bundy, a 12th grade Powderpuff veteran, was called out near the end of the game because of her aggressiveness. The same situation occurred last year as well.

The resulting score was 28-21 with the seniors taking home the win. Touchdowns were made by Alicia Barger, who made two touchdowns, Katie Leahy, and Danielle McKeowon on the senior’s side.

“It was an exciting game, and I had a lot of fun with the competition,” said senior Leahy. “Even though it was all fun and games, it was still pretty rough.”

For the juniors, Megan Sullivan, Megan Knoblock, and Claudia Leigh led the team in touchdowns. “I didn’t expect it to get so heated during the game, but it was still a lot of fun. I can’t wait for the next one,” said Sullivan.

The seniors decided to try and run the ball, to take advantage of the line and to dominate them through their defense.

“Our team was going to win, no doubt. We just had an intense lineup and losing to the juniors just wasn’t an option,” said senior Ryan Monoghan one of the many coaches for the seniors.

The juniors had the same strategic mindset. They wanted to run the ball knowing how difficult it would’ve been on the girls throwing it and catching it.

“Simple plays will always get the win as long as it’s done right,” said junior coach, Jon Hurlburt.

Ryan Monoghan, Tim Fair, Zach Moran, Joey Pinto, Dave Branco, and Marc Laspino were the senior coaches for the senior team.

Jon Hurlburt, Christian Terrinoni, Rory Bonner, and Nicholas Carney were the junior coaches for the junior team.