Seniors take Powder Puff victory

By Valerie Palmer'14

Powder Puff football is a tradition here at WDHS. Monday, December 3rd, the senior and junior girls played under the lights for the annual Powder Puff football game. The seniors were victorious, winning 35-28.

Coached by juniors C.J. Chando, Andrew Turco, Ty Castellano, John Gordon, Justin Hansen, Isaiah Worthy and Mike Davis, the junior girls put up a fight throughout the game.

“My strategy was to try and get the flags as quickly as possible,” said junior defensive safety Kelly Meagher. “We could’ve had better communication on defense.”

The seniors who coached the senior girls to victory were Nick Carney, Rory Bonner, Ian and Mike Macqueen, Christian Terrinoni, and Jon Hurlburt.

“We could’ve switched up the defensive line more often to be more effective,” said defensive senior Brittany Pacienza.

The senior strategy was basically to isolate the strongest people on the opposite team and to put together a strong united defense to shut them out of the game.

“If we could have done anything differently it would have been to organize the defense a little bit more, too many simple mistakes happened,” said senior running back Megan Knoblock.

Knoblock was the primary scorer for the seniors. “All in all, the seniors played like one strong class, and I am proud of every one of them,” said Knoblock.