WMMR names Tim Campbell the coolest teacher at WDHS

During the week of May 6th, the students of West Deptford High School were asked to text in to a popular radio station, WMMR, and vote for whom they feel is the coolest teacher that they have at their school.

“It feels really cool to be voted the coolest teacher,” said Timothy Campbell, English teacher. “It’s awesome to be recognized by all of the students.” Campbell has been teaching for seven years at West Deptford High School and has left an impact on many of his students.

“During the year, Mr. Campbell always made me, and the rest of my class, burst with laughter and actually look forward to learning in English class,” said—-.

Outside of the classroom, Timothy Campbell takes place in other activities as well. “I play in my band called The Naked Sun, and I also play with my naked sons. Toddlers are always naked and running around the house,” said Campbell. In addition to teaching at WDHS, Campbell also coaches the track team.

Campbell explored different majors before deciding on English including psychology, biology, math, and communications. “English was different than all of the other majors for me because I liked the fact that there was never just one answer,” said Campbell.

In the future, Campbell wants to continue to teach English. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” said Campbell. “Maybe if they had a guitar class, I would teach that.” Campbell also wants to teach himself how to play a pedal steel guitar and the violin/fiddle.