Seeley is named new head tennis coach

By Art Hill '14

The tennis team recently got a new coach, Michael James Seeley, a math teacher at West Deptford High School. He became the coach in the spring of last year.

Seeley wanted to be the coach because he really enjoys playing tennis himself. The reason why he enjoys tennis is because he likes to play with his friends, and it is something he can continue to play, as he gets older.

When he first started coaching, Seeley considered it a rebuilding year for the team since the players were used to the original coach Aaron Burr, another math teacher.

“It is great that Seeley became head coach. The school made a great decision to hire him,” said Burr. Seeley was an unpaid volunteer coach for West Deptford for five years.

“That it’s great he now has an opportunity, as the Head Boys’ Tennis coach to build and develop his own team.  Seeley has improved the team for better,” said Kelly Hernandez, the assistant tennis coach.

Last year’s scores were 7-12 for Seeley’s first year as coach. The year before, when Burr was head coach, the teams score was 5-12.

The team thinks highly of Seeley as coach as well.  Tomas Purvenas, a tennis player who played for four years says, “He is very hands on and is encouraging the team to grow.”

Robert Barrow, another tennis player who played for three years, believes that Seeley is also a great coach. “He is always there for us no matter what skill level we are at,” said Barrow.

Before Seeley was head coach, he felt as if there were some solid players. “Now I’m looking for some players to improve and others to step up,” said Seeley.

During his interview for the position, Seeley told Principal Dr. Gismondi and Athletic Director Mr. Cammarota his goals for the team. “My plan is to have more players join each year and make sure the team has more wins than loses,” said Seeley.