Ladner wins Junior World Bass Fishing Championships

Ladner wins Junior World Bass Fishing Championships

Alyssa Palumbo’16

John Ladner, a senior at West Deptford High School is known for being the star of the Boys’ Cross Country team.  But, as many may not know, Ladner is also a star bass fisherman who has recently won the title of 2013 Junior World Bass Fishing Champion.

Ladner has been fishing for many years and is something he has been exposed to his entire life.

“I began fishing when I was about four-years-old,” says Ladner, “My parents have been taking me out fishing with them since I was just two-months-old.  My uncle has his own private lake.  When I was six-years-old, my family stocked it with fish, and I began fishing.”

Like any other competitive activity or sport, it takes lots of time, effort, and practice to succeed.  “My least favorite part about fishing is the time it takes to practice, but I know it’s something I must do.  I usually fish twice a week with either my girlfriend Maddie, Zach Pieffer, or anyone else who wants to go.  I usually fish on the Delaware River,” says Ladner.

All of Ladner’s practice time and hard work ethic has definitely paid off for him.  In 2013 he was named Junior World Bass Fishing Champion at Cuddo Lake, Louisiana.  Ladner captured the win on the second day of the competition while fishing on the Texas side of the lake where he caught three fish weighing six pounds.

“Winning the world championship was something I have dreamed about doing for so long,” says Ladner, “I am finally a World Bass Fishing Champion, and that is the biggest fishing accomplishment.”

Ladner has also competed at the 2011 World Championships at Ochita Lake, Arkansas where he placed third and at the 2012 World Championships at Lake Laneur, Alabama where he came in last.

As well as being a World Fishing Champion, Ladner is also a three-time New Jersey State Junior Bass Fishing Champion.  After fishing in his first tournament in 2010, Ladner went on to capture the state title later that year at Lake Denmark.  In 2011 he won it at Lake Hapalong and at Picatinny Lake in 2012.

Ladner is planning to continue his fishing career at Virginia Tech University by fishing on their Bass Fishing Team.  After graduating from college with an engineering degree, Ladner plans to eventually become a Pro Bass Fisher.

Ladner feels anyone can be successful.

“Success takes a lot of practice and hard work.  If you commit yourself to the thing you love, you are sure to succeed.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win at first. Just keep practicing,” says Ladner.