Administration changes bell schedule

By Malik Baker-Gore ‘18

            The bell schedule at West Deptford High School changed this year, shortening homeroom and adding two minutes to each class.

“It was a collective input of all staff: teachers on the faculty and administrators,” said Timothy Cammarota, Assistant Principal. “It’s going to get our students into their first period class ready to learn, and that’s important because it sets the tone for the day.”

Starting education earlier will get students focused because it would be the first major thing they do during the school day. Even though there isn’t much time added to each class, there’s a lot of time added throughout the year. The change is significant according to Timothy Campbell, English Teacher.

“I think over the course of the year it is because we get more educational time,” says Campbell.

Many teachers and students alike say that the classes feel exactly the same. Even so, there are mixed thoughts on whether or not there’s more time to get organized. Some thought that teachers were more relaxed with the extra time while others in homeroom thought that there was no difference there either.

“No not really, I don’t think it’s really affected me that much”, said senior Ellen Hamilton “but I miss the longer homeroom.”

Generally, students wish that the schedule didn’t change.

 “I would prefer the classes to be regular and to have our old homeroom back. However, as I get use to the new schedule I’m starting to like and feel like I have more time in class to work. I also don’t really care about two more minutes because we still get out at 2:06” said sophomore Shatira Clinton.