Freshmen do well in adjusting to the high school

By Jalissa Carter '18

            Freshmen are entering a new year of school full with excitement and fun. The first day is the most important day for teens. They may be nervous entering a new school, but there are pictures to be taken and new friends to be made.

Before they can learn something new in the classroom, they have to find their way there. “It was really hard, but the teachers and students helped me find my classes,” said Jasmine Daly.

            It didn’t take long for the freshmen to form opinions about the High School.

 “It is a lot bigger than I expected, but it was easy to get used to,” said Morgan Kennedy.

Dan Roselli also had a positive view of his first day. “High school has more freedom than the middle school,” Roselli said.

Many students feel like they’re getting ready for adulthood in high school.  “Middle school has a lot of rules that are frustrating. High school lets you have a little bit more freedom,” said Aarron Saeng

But with the freedom comes responsibility.        “Teachers make us responsible for completing our work so I feel like they’re inspiring us to be young adults in our classrooms,” Daly said.

The teachers already love the class of 2018. “We see a mature group of students that want to learn more and think and believe they will succeed says algebra teacher Lindsey Freedman.