Key Club volunteered at Brightview Nursing Home

By Jalissa Carter '18

On  21nd students volunteered their time to spend time with the elderly at Brightview Nursing Home.

            When helping people, it doesn’t come with a reward. Coming and doing things for people make people happy inside. When helping the community, it takes time to help and share kindness to other people. “I like Key Club because it makes me feel good inside to know I’m helping people,” said freshman Morgan Hill, a student in the club.

            Good doings may help in school but in real life, also do good things just to do them. “It helps them become a better person in life to help other people in need,” said Kathleen Yeager, a mathematics teacher and Key Club adviser.

            Students are impacted by what they do for others. In this trip to Brightview, the students spent time with the elderly to play games and talk to them.

“I liked this trip because I like to bring peoples spirits up and visit the elderly. Most of them don’t have people who visit them often to see how they’re doing,” said Robin Hill, a freshman student in the club.

            Making a person’s day is good for others. “You could see the laughter and happy faces in the room. It made me as a teacher it feels good that these students like to volunteer and help others,” said Yeager.

The more and more someone volunteers, the more they want to go to other places.

“I would like to participate in volunteering for the Special Olympics. I feel as though it would be a fun and exciting new way of giving back,” said Keith Bambalan.

            “When the students went on this trip, they liked the games that they played with the people,” said Yeager.  When you finish the day with something good, you feel great. No, it doesn’t matter where you help people as long as you make that person’s day,” said Jenny Lee, a freshman student in the club.