Spanish I students experience The Day of the Dead

            In Spanish culture The Day of the Dead is a day where those who have passed on are celebrated and prayed for. The Spanish I teachers are taking their students on a trip to learn more about this tradition.

Students in Spanish I are getting a chance to go see a movie called The Book of Life. This story features Manolo, a hero who sets out on an adventure to magical and mythical worlds to save his true love and protect his village. It’s portrayed in a unique art style used in artist books, also called art books, which are art in the form of a book.

The trip will take place the day before Halloween (October 30, 2014). The students will be gone from school from around 9:15 AM to around 1:15 PM.

The Day of the Dead is more colorful and celebratory than it is mourning. Sugar skulls are made, which are skulls that are made out of candy. The movie follows suit. Spanish Teacher Amy Vassallo, who is taking the students with Mrs. Gleason, says going to the movie is supposed to be a treat and fun to watch, but that’s not all there is to it.

“The experience of going to the movies with a class and learning something cultural in a creative way is beneficial and exciting,” says Vassallo.

Many students are excited about learning about another culture.

”I’m looking forward to the movie because I’m looking forward to learning about the Day of the Dead,” says freshman Marco Broccoli.

Learning isn’t the only incentive for some. Others are also excited about getting a day at the mall with their friends and getting to miss some classes.

“I’m looking forward to being able to watch a movie about another culture and also be around my friends for a day,” says freshman Ally Hartwyk. “I honestly want to see the movie, and I’m also excited about doing something different for class.”

Hartwyk also says that she thinks that learning about this tradition will open a new perspective. There are also those who are more interested.

You’ll have to watch it to truly know what you think of it. But to put it simply, Vassallo says, “The movie explores the Day of the Dead in a fun cartoon,” says Vassallo. “The movie will hopefully excite and interest our students to want to learn more about the Spanish culture and their perspectives.”