West Deptford High School Friends of Rachel Club prepares for Week of Respect

By Lisa Placeres ‘24

This week, members of the Friends of Rachel Club prepare for the week of respect this upcoming week.

The Friends of Rachel Club at the West Deptford High School is about spreading kindness and overall, being a good person. To prepare for the week of respect, members of the club will be making posters with positive messages written on them.

“Although we should spread kindness every day, making posters as a reminder does make a difference,” member of the club and sophomore Lauren William states.

Members are also finding positive quotes from their favorite celebrities and athletes as well.

“Of my favorite quotes by James Harvey about respect is the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated,” said sophomore Kayla Darragh, a member of the Friends of Rachel Club.

Quotes that are found will be blown up to a bigger size and placed throughout the hallways of the school. Members will also be helping with hanging up posters that have been made in the hallways.

“Respect is something that has been a huge part of our culture here at the high school. We choose to celebrate the Week of Respect as a reminder to encourage everyone in the building to show respect to each other and staff, not just this week, but always,” says club advisor April Stanford.

The Week of Respect is also the same week as Spirit Week, a football game on Friday, and Homecoming on Saturday.

“School spirit is going to be really high this upcoming week,” said Williams. “With everything happening at once, things are getting really exciting.”