My first love was sitting right there

Monica Lane '13

It’s hard to remember life before I met him. It’s ridiculous though because when I first met him I couldn’t even remember his name.

“Yo Montell, ya braids is fresh as hell,” I blurted out upon noticing his cute friend standing next to him. It was only an excuse to walk over and introduce myself though. I took my time walking over to him; imagining how I looked with every step closer I took. Within seconds, I was standing right in front of him. I f my skin wasn’t so brown, he probably would have noticed that I was blushing like a fresh picked strawberry. My heart was beating fast and my palms were as sweaty as big Ant after gym class on a hot summer day. I reached out and gave Montell some dap.

“What’s ya name?”

“Phashon,” he said lazily as if I was bothering him. I immediately became defensive and rolled my eyes with intentions to proceed with my conversation with Montell but I was so distraught that I just turned and walked away. I am a very persistent girl though, so I sat next to him the next day in lunch. Now I’m the most horrible with names, but a name as uniquely beautiful as Phashon I couldn’t forget it even if I tried. I played it off though.

“Boy, what’s ya name?” and he caught on.

“You know my name,” he said with a silly smirk. I couldn’t help but laugh and I replied.

“I’m sorry. I’m really bad with names.” Back then he was a real smart aleck so he reached into his bag and pulled out a pen and paper then gave them to me. Then he says, “Write this down P  H A S  H O N.  Now don’t forget it again!”

From that moment on, I was in love. I don’t know what it was but he had me. After that, he was my sitting buddy. We sat together every day at lunch. He knew I had a crush on him, but he also knew I had a boyfriend that was tall like Shaq. I guess that’s why he never made a move, but that relationship was over before it started. Phashon was who I really loved. So I told him

“I like you. I like you a lot, and if you like me, then I’m going to  break  up with this guy and be your girl for real” He just smiled and kissed my cheek, and since I waited until the day before the last day of school to tell him, we didn’t end up going out. I guess I’m just lucky though because we both had summer school.

The sound of rubber tires on gravel gave me butterflies as big as birds on my first day. The warm smile on his face calmed my anxiety quickly though. We developed a routine. We’d meet at the steps in front of the school, and then he walked me to my class then go to his. We met at the bus stop afterwards, and he waited for my bus then he would walk home. We did this every day until the last day.  He walked me to my class because he was leaving early. He kissed me on the cheek as routine, but when he started to walk away, he stopped. He turned around and said, “Monie, you know I love you right?” I had to try so hard to hold back my tears, and I aknowledged him with a nod of my head so that he wouldn’t hear my voice crack when I talked.

The nervous feeling was now familiar to me. My first day of high school, I couldn’t believe it. I walked in the door late as usual, and I hadn’t seen Phashon since August sixth. I didn’t even have his number, but he was the first thought in my mind upon entering the building. An upper classmen showed me to my home room. It was in alphabetical order, and Phashon’s last name started with a P so I was on a hunt. Period after period, I scanned through the halls, looking for him, and just when I was about to give up, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my best friend Merideth. She seemed excited to see me, and she had good news.

“Do you go with Pha?” she inquired.. I quickly said, “No, have you seen him” with a look of desperation on my face.

“No, but he telling everybody you his girl and he been looking for you too.”

At that moment, I wanted to jump for joy, but I composed myself and entered the cafeteria for lunch, and he was sitting right there waiting for me. You see love works in mysterious ways, and you don’t have to look too far to find it because some times it’s sitting right there.