Not Everyone is Who He or She Seems to Be

Danielle Alyse Lynch ’14

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Blondes are supposedly stupid. Skater guys are supposedly potheads and stupid. Bodybuilders are juiceheads who just want to work out and are jerks, and brunettes are known as sweethearts. But is all this nonsense true about those people? Well, it could be. But for 90% of all those people, they’re complete lies about them.

            Its funny how many people think blondes are “stupid “and ditzy all the time. People think it’s funny to make fun of blondes and make jokes about them. Blondes like me just get mad when we hear the jokes because they really are not true. Why is it that all blonde girls are only dumb and blonde guys aren’t? Guys that are blonde are known to me the jock or goodie two shoes, something along those lines, but when a girl is blond, they think of her as a Barbie. With the beautiful long blonde hair, blue eyes, cheerleader, and perfect social life, she can get whatever she wants when she wants it.

When it comes to school or jokes, they talk about blondes being stupid, ditzy, and outgoing. For the most part, it’s wrong and mean to think of someone like that because of her hair color. I do know some blondes that fall along those lines. Although, most blondes I know are nothing like that, like myself.

            Skinny jeans, band tees, vans any type of skater shoe is known to be the wardrobe of a skater. When you hear someone skates/bikes, we automatically think that person smokes or plays every girl he gets.

            Just because someone dresses differently from the jocks or nerd doesn’t mean he is a bad person. Also, it doesn’t mean this person is on drugs or smokes for that matter. Everyone has his own style of dressing and his own way of expressing themselves.

            Are steroids, and muscle milk really the cause of all juiceheads? Jocks and bodybuilders are known to society as airhead, players, bullies and more. If you ever really gotten to know a jock or bodybuilder, you would soon realize this isn’t true. You see a guy walking down the hallway with big muscles and you know he goes to the gym all time. People will say he’s on steroids. For the reason being, they might go to the gym as much as him but don’t have muscles like him. All muscles are hereditary and just because you might not be as strong as him does not mean he is using steroids or muscle milk to get it. Jocks can’t use steroids because if they get caught with them in their system, the coach will kick them off the team.

            Sports are everything to this school; a jock doesn’t want to lose his spot on the team because he wanted to get “bigger.” There is a downfall to steroids and most likely a downfall to muscle milk too. Muscle milk doesn’t taste scrumptious and even though you can’t taste steroids, there are different ways to take them. Shooting your arm up with a needle being one, doesn’t seem to be that pleasant. If jocks and bodybuilders were doing these things, don’t you think we would know about it by now?

            The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover “is absolutely true. Not everyone is who they seem to be until you get to them and even then they won’t be the person you expected. Everyone’s said something about someone that was stereotypical and it’s ok. Next time you want to go and say something though, think about the person and how they could be different. If all blondes, skaters, jocks and bodybuilders were the same, we would get bored of everyone very easily.

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Not Everyone is Who He or She Seems to Be