Another reason to miss the summer

By Dan Gibson '12

            I’ve always preferred the outside shower at my shore house in Ocean City, New Jersey. No particular reason, but I do, and in this instance, it worked in my favor. My little cousins were down, and I had not showered since I had gotten off the beach due to entertaining them in various ways. I went outside at about half past ten to shower, and that’s when I saw these two good looking girls about fifteen yards from the shower sitting on the curb. It was dark out, but that’s still something you can tell, if they’re good looking.

            When I asked them what they were doing, the shorter one said, “We just don’t want to go inside yet.” That was as good a response as any so from then, on I sat next to them on the sidewalk and started a conversation.

            “I’m Monica, from upstairs,” the shorter one said through a nice smile.

            “And I’m Kayla,” her friend added.  They both seemed like sweet girls, but I was more interested in Monica.  It’s not that Kayla wasn’t pretty, just that I would be seeing a whole lot more of Monica, and I was into her from the get-go. Monica is short, legally a midget at four foot eleven, but other than that, she has the body of a woman with long brown hair and a very cute face.  After a while of talking, some kids a year or two younger than me came up, drunk and sloppy. They were looking for some other kid they were supposed to fight.

            Monica seemed kind of bugged by this and soon enough she proclaimed, “You guys shouldn’t fight here. My dad will probably call the cops.” The kids didn’t listen very well so I put in a few words of my own and then they left. I like to think that that was what sealed the deal because after that, she asked for my number and went inside.

            The next night I was talking to her on the phone and asked her if she wanted to hang out, on the count of there not being anything better to do. The shore is great during the day, but it’s as boring as West Deptford at night time because the boardwalk is a boring walk.

            “Of course,” she said in an excited tone, like I had just asked her to go to the moon, “Come up to the roof.” She had a roof deck on the top of our house which was the best spot to look at anything in nature nearby, in my opinion. As we were up there, we saw those same kids from last night on the street and didn’t want to look at them anymore.

            “We might as well lie on the roof,” I suggested, and we did. After lying down on the roof, looking at the stars for a while, we were in a much deeper conversation. What that conversation included, however, is between her and me. Being so close to the ocean, there are many more stars than there are around here. It’s like looking through a Hubel telescope. So when we saw a shooting star, I laid a line on her that worked because then I finally got to kiss her.

            A little more conversing and fooling around ensued and soon enough it was one o’clock. That was just about long enough for both of us because we had been out there since nine. I took her on the short stroll to her door, and left her with a goodbye. Then I took the lonesome fourteen steps down to my door and went to bed.

            The next day we were both leaving to go home, me to West Deptford, and her to Mullica Hill, a short trip once I start driving. But I kissed her goodbye, and I haven’t seen her since then. That’s just another reason to add to the endless list of what is great about summertime.