Random drug testing in schools can be good for teenagers

There have been many debates on whether school districts should be allowed to drug test their students at random.  I have noticed a change in my fellow classmate’s attitudes towards drugs ever since we started getting tested. By putting an end to drugs earlier in life, we can prevent the use of drugs from spinning completely out of control.
Nobody tries a drug with the expectation of becoming an addict. To overcome a drug addiction is a very long process. According to Drug-Aware.com, “A survey showed that 9% of 13 year olds and over a quarter (27%) of 15 year olds had used an illegal drug at some stage in their lives.” Addiction is something that can affect someone physically and mentally. It’s something that cannot be cured but with time can be controlled.

By drug testing the students of high schools, it will decrease the amount of people that have to go through this terrible process in the future. Also, there is a fine line between trying drugs and becoming addicted. Once someone tries a drug, it is hard for him to break that addiction, so why shouldn’t we try and stop it earlier before it gets to the level of addiction?

The National Center for Victims of Crimes has stated, “More than half of all the people arrested in the United States test positive for illegal drugs.” Any type of drug can change the way your mind works. Something you usually wouldn’t think about doing when you are sober will come across as a good idea when you are under the influence.  More than half of the teenagers in the United States admit to drinking and/or using drugs on most weekends. Drug use is closely linked to robberies and property crime more than violent crimes, and many addicts commit crimes to get money to buy more drugs.  Random drug testing will definitely decrease the amount of crimes in not only my own town but across the country.

Another thing drugs impact are your grades. Drug use is very common with teenagers today. This is horrible because the teenagers I’m in school with today are the future of the world. High school is one of the most important time periods of your life. By becoming active in school clubs or just being good academically, you can impact which college you are going to attend. A large problem in high schools is as the drug use increases, kid’s academics are decreasing. The global virtual classroom stated, “Drugs affect the brain. Attention, memory, logical thinking start to reduce immediately. Drugs affect you academically. You might be getting good grades but when you use drugs, they might change, and not for good.” By getting into a good college or just getting a high school diploma, you can impact your future for the better.

Abstaining from using drugs can be a life changing decision. It can and most likely will change your whole life. You will never get back the time you spend trying new things and making bad decisions, which is why teenagers need a little push to stop them from doing drugs. I feel that random school drug testing is that push.